We Are All One 3rd Nov 2018

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‘We Are All One’ Conference Report

On Saturday November 3rd 2018, CANA held its conference in Essex Unitarian Church in Notting Hill Gate, with over 60 attendees. The day kick-started with two interlinked talks, the first by Revd Don MacGregor, who spoke about the essential message of oneness with the divine that is a strand running through the mystical traditions of all faiths. There is a divine essence which permeates and holds everything in being, and Don illustrated this with a series of quotes from many faith traditions. Awakening to this oneness and compassion is the way ahead for humanity.  Current science is telling us that we are all interconnected, interacting vibrational energy fields, and that consciousness is the matrix holding everything in being. The mystics have been saying  the same thing in their own language since time immemorial. Most of humanity is still stuck in the tribal mentality and the key to moving on is the growing awareness of our oneness in consciousness, moving us to a global compassion and cooperation.

Dr Jude Currivan then spoke on the subject of her book, ‘The Comic Hologram’, which brings together scientific research from all over the planet, showing that the universe is held in a huge underlying information field and that it’s structure is replicated in a fractal nature at all levels, macro and micro. This information field underpins and pervades all reality and creates a holographic universe, with patterns repeated from the atomic level, to the complexity of theweather, right up to the structure of galactic clusters in space. She concluded that consciousness is not something we have, it is what we and everything else are. This was an exciting notion, tieing in with Don’s talk, and stirred the audience into a long question and answer session.

IN the afternoon, Marianne Rankin, from the Alister Hardy Trust, spoke about the universality of spiritual experience. Most people have such experiences, but are reluctant to talk about them for fear of being misunderstood. They are a natural part of human consciousness. We all reflected on the Alister Hardy question, “Have you ever been aware of or influenced by, a presence or power, whether you call it God or not, which is different from your everyday self?”

Then Fr. Diarmuid O’Murchu spoke about the challenge to the church, how it needs to recognise this interconnectedness and become a network of empowering faith communities, with the consciousness of a deep connection with all of creation. Part of the change is the increasing importance of lay theology.

Following on, we had a ‘fishbowl’ discussion in which many of the attendees participated, addressing the question, “A movement towards Oneness is already underway: how might we contribute to this?” The discussion ranged from raising ecological awareness to help offered by the angelic realm.

Many people commented at the end of the day how valuable, encouraging and stimulating it had been. If you wish to purchase DVDs of the whole day, email info@cana.org.uk


Towards Universal Spirituality: Journeying with Christianity
Saturday November 3rd 2018 Essex Unitarian Church, Notting Hill Gate, London W8 4RT 10.30am –– 5.00pm

Many people today are awakening to the reality of the Oneness that underpins all life, and there is a growing movement for us to come together in recognition that this can help to transform our present planetary challenges.

COST: £40, concessions by arrangement

Dr Jude Currivan: HOW SCIENCE IS NOW EVIDENCING ONENESS – As a cosmologist, planetary healer and author of ‘The Cosmic Hologram’ Jude is leading scientific-spiritual research into the unified nature of reality and how unity expresses itself through diversity; applying this to support transformational change.

Rev Don MacGregor: HOW MYSTICS HAVE TESTIFIED THE REALITY OF ONENESS – As a recently retired Anglican priest and author of: ‘Blue Sky God’, Don is embracing mystical and esoteric approaches to spirituality with an emphasis on meditation and contemplative prayer.

Fr Diarmuid O’ Murchu: HOW MIGHT WE TOGETHER PROMOTE A FLOURISHING LIFE FOR ALL? – As a catholic priest, member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Order and a social psychologist Diarmuid is an international speaker and author of many leading edge books including: ‘Quantum Theology’ and ‘God in the Midst of Change’.
Marianne Rankin: THE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE OF ONENESS IS UNIVERSAL – As Communications Director of the Alister Hardy Trust with its research archive of personal spiritual experiences, she is author of ‘An Introduction to Religious and Spiritual Experience’ which is widely used as a text-book and she will lead us into a more personal level of experience.

‘For those who are awake the cosmos is one’ – Heraclitus
‘That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me
and I am in you’ – John 17.21


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