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What is the Wisdom Tradition?

Each year, CANA holds a Wisdom Retreat by the coast in Dorset, called “Silence by the Sea – Exploring the Wisdom Tradition.” (Click here for details.) Janet Lake, one of the retreat leaders, gives her understanding of the Wisdom Tradition: I am often asked “what is the wisdom tradition?” and I will try and explain…
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About Meditation

Meditation in the Christian Tradition Some people hear the word meditation and immediately think of eastern practices, Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation, etc., but there is a Christian form of meditative prayer. One way of thinking of God’s presence is as a river of life deep within – a river of God’s flowing compassion. We are sustained…
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We Are All One
3rd Nov 2018

‘WE ARE ALL ONE’ Towards Universal Spirituality: Journeying with Christianity CANA CONFERENCE 2018 Saturday November 3rd 2018 Essex Unitarian Church, Notting Hill Gate, London W8 4RT 10.30am –– 5.00pm Many people today are awakening to the reality of the Oneness that underpins all life, and there is a growing movement for us to come together…
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