Invitation to Meditation

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Meditation or contemplative silence is a fundamental part of spiritual practice for us at CANA.

There are different ways, this is one.

If you are unfamiliar with it, we invite you to experience it for yourself.


Choose somewhere quiet where you can sit comfortably.

Light a candle.

Shut your eyes and relax your body.

Let go of thoughts.

Become aware of the fullness of silence, of God-presence, within and around you.

When thoughts pop in, let them go again.

It can help to follow your breath

or to use a stilling word such as ‘peace’

or to look at the candle flame.

After about five minutes or whenever you are ready, open your eyes.

Blow out the candle.



It is a simple request

to sit each day

letting go of agendas

and random thoughts,

opening to Presence,

opening to Oneness,

and often finding it comes imbued

with a depth of peace

that is love, that is joy.


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