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Death/Rebirth and the Evolution of Consciousness

The editorial by Janice Dolley in our Spring issue gave us an insight into the vast changes taking place in our collective humanity, and the Easter message of the death of the old leading to the birth of the new. Here we offer a supportive view of the place of death/rebirth in evolution. Our awareness…
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Frank Parkinson writes The birth of Christianity was more than a spiritual awakening. With two thousand years of hindsight we can see it as an evolutionary fork, when those who had received the “good news” felt empowered to become a new kind of human. This is Pauline doctrine, and he uses the very specific phrase…
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The Divine Reality Within

We are alive. That is our experience. We know we are alive. The reality is that there is a power of aliveness that emerges from… we know not quite where. We could say it comes from somewhere “above.” But where from? We know what is above us – the planets, the sun and then nothing…
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Daring to Dream

“Daring to Dream: How might we shift into a New Consciousness?” A talk given by Revd Don MacGregor at ‘Co-Creating the New’, a day held on 20th September 2014 in Bath, UK with Janice Dolley, Peter McGugan and Kaia Nightingale.   I believe there is a universal path of wisdom that underlies all true spiritual…
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Reading The Wisdom Jesus

After reading The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault (Shambhala 2008), Gillian Paschkes-Bell writes: This is a book I have been looking for all my life.  For me, coming from an interfaith background, and learning Christianity through school, I was early on troubled and confused by what I learned about salvation and by some of the…
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Shifting to the New Story

Shifting is a shock. Can you imagine living at a time when everyone knew for sure that the earth was flat with God abiding in the sky ‘above’ and the devil and his cronies somewhere down below ? Can you imagine how you might have felt when the bombshell came that – in fact –…
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Living Christ Consciousness

Three themes are important to me when I focus on Christ Consciousness. The first of these is Going Beyond Fear – setting us free to be who we truly are. The second is balancing the apparent polarities, such as that between masculine and feminine, past and future, to see them as infused with one another. The third is to focus on one of those apparent polarities, that of Spirit and Nature, again seeing how they cannot actually be separated.