Listening in Togetherness.

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Harry Underhill                                                                       22.11.15

So much of the “spirituality” that is around these days is based on the ego or little self. That is fine for a start, because as babies we have to become aware of ourselves before we can become aware of anything else. But the purpose of life is to know ourselves in a wider context, for that is where Life’s meaning lies. It is great when we have ego experiences of the spiritual, but sad when we get stuck there.

This is where Ego-Free Listening comes in, for through it we can find the guidance and strength we need to go further. This listening is firstly to the Spirit, as Samuel said when he felt his name being called: “Speak Lord for thy servant heareth”. But it goes beyond listening internally to that of God within us, to a tuning in to the spirit of Life itself that surrounds us all the time and is felt as a greater Presence. We can approach this Presence through what the Queen called the “power of togetherness” in her Jubilee speech . This togetherness includes all forms of Life in the great continuum of existence, and particularly us humans, whether alive in this world or the next. The veil which appears to separate the two worlds is becoming increasingly thin nowadays, as our consciousness matures through “leadings of the Spirit”. And, wonderfully, this skill of being at home in two worlds at once can be learnt! The ancient wisdoms knew this. For example Rumi (13th century) writes: “…People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch…Don’t go back to sleep!”

In the world around us at this moment the forces of greed and fear are so dominant that perhaps only some great cataclysm will shake us out of our present life style. The power and wisdom of the Source is a match for this situation but only if we do our part to the utmost (“…a condition of complete simplicity, costing not less than everything…” T.S.Eliot). And for this a communion of purpose amongst humans on both sides of physical death is needed.

This comradeship with “soul friends” in both worlds can give us the strength to die to our present way of life, for without the death of the lesser we cannot reach the greater. This goes against our natural instincts, for the ego persuades us that that would mean losing our identity, and lead to total extinction. But the deeper meaning is that this death is only the death of who we think we are, which is necessary before we can become who we may yet be.

So it seems that the future of planet earth urgently requires us to learn the skill and the practice of Ego-free Listening in Togetherness, leading us on to a letting go of the old and rebirth in the new.

H.U.                                                                                               22.11.15


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