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We are Stardust  


Don MacGregor
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08/12/2018 4:53 pm  

I came across this quote recently: "We didn't rise up from mud. We fell from the stars." - Neal Rogin.

Well, actually, I think we did both. As Joni Mitchell said, "We are stardust, we are golden, and we've got to get back to the garden." We have this terrible tendency to think of ourselves as body mind and spirit as if they are separate parts, and not one undivided whole. Our body is what we can see and touch, the visible part of our whole selves, the particles of which have been formed in the stars and evolved organically from the mud. But within that, as I understand it, neurologists are saying that we store the 'chemicals of feeling' in parts of our body. These chemicals, created by our mind and feelings, lock away emotional memories that can cause physical problems in later times. Spirit, or humanity's divine consciousness, Higher Self, soul or whatever you want to call it, is that which can undo these locked away emotions and release cells from unhealthy to healthy patterns. Add into that the notion of biological information fields, holding the pattern for cells, organs, beings and even species, that can be affected by the power of intention, and you have a co-creative mind-body-spirit mix that is mind-boggling! And then throw in ideas of many lives, life a school of learning for the ascension of the soul, and the whole journey back into the divine, ultimate reality just to complicate things a little more. Oh, and I almost forgot that space and time only exist as we know them in this universe, not in other realms.
It can all get a bit much sometimes. Maybe we should just stick with "We didn't rise up from mud. We fell from the stars?" But no, I'm driven, guided, compelled to follow a spiritual quest to make some sense of it all. Are you?

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